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A few self-descriptors:

I served four fun-filled years with Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (6/74-6/78). No, I did not go to Vietnam. Yes, I did received an honorable discharge with no strings attached. My primary MOS was 0311, my secondary was 8652. Jarheads past and present recognize the first as Rifleman (grunt, crunchie, professional bullet-stopper). This was no accident. In fact, I enlisted with a guarantee in the 03 field (Combat Arms) and just got lucky. We all know grunts are, um, IQ-challenged, right? Well, this one wasn't. I was Category I with a GT of 134. So much for conventional wisdom.

My secondary MOS was a more obscure 8652. Which is (or was, it has been a while...) Parachute-Qualified Reconnaissance Marine. Yep, I was in Force Recon-- even kept my liberty card to prove it. At the time there was but one Force Recon company, the 2nd, based at Camp LeSwamp, NC. Which was convenient, I suppose, since our squadbay was about half a mile from my erstwhile infantry unit (Fox 2/2).

I served a year with Force then put in for orders overseas. Straight to Oki and the Third Recon Battalion. Twelve months later I rotated back to The World (Camp Lejeune again), to Alpha 1/2. Nine months later I was a civilian.

I hung around Jacksonville for two months to earn my private pilot's license, then onto college via the G.I. Bill. At length I was awarded a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. (The intervening six years I would just as soon forget...) In college I served with the National Guard, first with an aviation unit then two years chauffeuring a general. (I DO NOT want to hear it!) My last semester I separated from the service(s) for good. (Honorable discharges all around, thengyou.)

When I first got this site up in 1997 I instantly came under heavy flak. My sin, relayed directly from the heavens, was to include links to adult sites. The Veterans' Mullahs cried "Sacrilege!" I was cyber-ostracized for defiling the Sacred Cause. In my wanton depravity I endured the full weight of righteous indignation. (And the Inteligentsic Elite, ensconced as they are on the Moral High Ground, can be mightily indignant.) Yet, to those of us out here in the World of No Government Pensions, the reason for my dogmatic transgression was clear.

I have to pay for this site somehow.

Yes, I admit it: I am a money-grubbing capitalist. And hobbies are way too expensive. So, I generated some--not a lot--of income from sex-site kickbacks. If anyone out there has a better idea on making a site carry its own weight, I am all ears.

Comments? E-mail me at ponder3345[at]yahoo[dot]com. Please include a descriptive subject line.