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Roaring Rockets
Space Cadets… Chopper pilots. Hmm…
News for Nerds.
Langlitz Leathers
Straight to first base.
Formula One
Enjoy it while it lasts.
Dangerous Places
If your life is just too… predictable.
Camo secrets of the glitterati.
How Long Will You Live?
94? Think I'll start smoking.
Ain't It Cool
Ultimate Hollywood insider. Get a life!
Got a spare $78 million?
Star Wars Tech Articles
Scary thought: these cats vote.
What price Israel?
Happiness is a rich Uncle.
Global Beauties
You do not exist to them.
Flying Oliver
Force Admin types dig this stuff.
Italian for, "Sex right now!"
Robo traffic cops
"Just pay up."
Secret Admirer
Don't get your hopes up.
Miss Vera's Academy
Give me strength…
Mr. Cranky
"No prisoners!" movie reviewer.
Pro Cartoonists Index
The Bill & Bill Show.
Sykes's Rules
For every 14 year-old punk.
How To Make Billions
Start with Silver Spoon in mouth.
Theban Mapping Project
Trust me, it's worth a visit.
The $800 Question
Trust Uncle Bill.
Int'l Assc. of Haunted Attractions
Some very scary people, these.
Landover Baptist Church
The Unsaved need not apply.
The Halloween Documents
Everything you have heard is true.
Internet Wayback Machine
Ancient Net artifacts.
Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry
They worked for it.
Shields Up!
Run these tests NOW.
Crack this!
American Orchid Society
I'm the sensitive type.
Model 100 Club
Total bang for the buck.
Blessed Panties
Talk about religious icons.
Resistance Central.
Int'l Surfing Museum
This Marine surfs!
Awesome Airliner Pictures
For aviation junkies.
Pillow Fight League
"Fight Like A Girl!"
Trailer Trash Doll
Barbie's slutty sister.
Facts are stubborn things.
Urban Legends
#1: "The FBI can be trusted."
Waco Holocaust Museum
Stalin would have smiled.
I see you.
Surf Central.
Bad Astronomy
Look to the stars.
Sandline Corporation
The Dogs Of War. (They hate that…)
French Foreign Legion
Beau Geste, phone home.
Cat Cam
Promise, no off-color jokes.
Non-Liberal Media? Preposterous!
10 Feminist Lies, er, Myths
The Cult of Shrill Hysteria.
The lunatic fringe!
Swazi Reed Dance
Nothing like this in the West.
St. Peter's Basilica
Impossible not to be awed.
Home away from home.
The Smoking Gun
Celebrites are better than you.
Tula, Bond "girl"
I so hate surprises.
The Dawn of Decadence.
Vatican Art
Mere mortal, behold.
This is just not right.
Flight 800
Does anyone ever answer a question?
M$ Compliance
With raised middle finger.
Selective Service
Serve on your local draft board.
Rat Fink
Big Daddy Roth.
Fly A Kite GUI
Spiff Up Your Windoze Desktop
Evil Empire Speech
Reagan KO's the Bad Guys.
Vesna Vulovic
My kind of gal.
The Wrong Stuff
Professor Weinberg speaks.
Dirty Little Secrets
Perceptive military insights.
Museum of Hoaxes
Find your favorite cause.
Princess Madeleine
So out of your league.
BA in Intimate Apparel
Foundation Engineering?
Audrey Hepburn
The Eternal Goddess.
Evil Overlord List
So many good ideas.